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By starting our company we offer the consignees and the ship owners a new possibility to decide which mooring company to work with. The service has to be quick and safe both for the vessel and for the professionals who perform such service. The quality in the service is obtained thanks to a team of professionals who master the mooring activity.

Our Company - Staff


The company is made up of:

  • 2 operations managers
  • 5 coordinators
  • 1 mechanic
  • 16 skippers
  • 36 mooring people

All of them are multipurpose professionals trained to perform the different functions that the mooring service entails.

Our staff >

Ignacio Berruezo

Ignacio Berruezo C.E.O.

"Assisting in a vessel mooring is like conducting an orchestra in a perfect symphony"

Marcos Serrano

Marcos Serrano Operations Manager

"The quality in the mooring perfomance is the key to our success. We are aware that there are no limits while chasing quality."

Francisco Carrasco

Francisco Carrasco Operations Manager

"Team work is fundamental. Every one of us is a necessary piece in a huge jigsaw puzzle."

Juan Madrid

Juan Madrid Commercial manager

"Time is money. We do our best so that the client does not waste any minute."

Daniel Valero

Daniel Valero C.F.M.

"I believe we found an appealing formula for the clients. The Proof of that is all of them call us again."

Jose Miguel Castello

Jose Miguel Castello Coordinator

Miguel Ángel Hitos

Miguel Ángel Hitos Skipper

Xavier Royuela

Xavier Royuela Skipper

Francisco Zamora

Francisco Zamora Skipper

Sara Sarbosa

Sara Sarbosa Skipper

Antonio Villegas

Antonio Villegas Skipper